lofoten multiday tours

Kayak Adventure

Kayaking: A Gateway to Unlimited Adventure and Diverse Experiences

Few activities give outdoor enthusiasts such a varied range of experiences as kayaking.
Whether you are seeking the heart-stopping exhilaration or the calmness and peace, you can find your passion in a kayak.
In all kayaking circumstances is the potential for unlimited adventure.

Half Day Winter Kayak

Departures: Every day 10:30 am

Duration: 3 hours

Price: 990 Nok

Northern Lights kayaking

Departures: Every day 20:00 pm. Please note that departure time can vary based on the wather forecast

Duration: 3 hrs

Price: 1400 Nok

Sunset kayaking

Departures: Every day at 18pm

Duration: 3 hours

Price: 900 Nok

Snowshoeing in Lofoten

Discover Lofoten: Embrace Nature and Adventure Through Snowshoeing

The Lofoten archipelago is a must see for every visitor in Norway all year around. Get back to nature, challenge yourself and enter landscapes well beyond our urban environment. Picture yourself enjoying a spontaneous moment as you hike up to the snow covered peak, snack by a frozen stream and follow winding paths that weave through the mountains.

In a nutshell, snowshoeing is all about embracing unique moments while enjoying incredible lands

Full Day Snowshoe Adventure

Departures: Every day 9:00 am

Duration: 6 hours

Price: 1400 Nok

Half Day Snowshoe Adventure

Departures: Every day 10:30am

Duration: 4 hours

Price: 900 Nok

Northern Lights with Snowshoe

Departures: 20:00pm

Duration: 4 hours

Price: 1400 Nok

Lofoten multiday tours

Explore Lofoten: Multiday Tours in a Stunning Arctic Paradise

Lofoten located several hundred kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, offering unparalleled natural beauty.
Lofoten is, where high and craggy alpine mountains meet crystal clear blue Mediterranean-like waters, to create a truly unique and special landscape to spent time in and photograph.

Lofoten's mighty winter Adventures

Duration: 7 DAYS

Price: 16000 Nok

Winter Wonderland Sightseeing Tour

Duration: 6 hrs

Price: 1100 Nok